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All Bases Covered Insurance works with some of the most popular brands in the UK insurance market. We offer up to date information regarding latest offers & promotions across a wide range of insurance verticals. So if you’re after a renewal of your Car Insurance, after that last minute Holiday renewal or your Pet or Home Insurance is up have a look around and compare what is available via All Bases Covered Insurance.

Our Current Partners




Admiral are best known for the great savings available with their MultiCar Insurance. If you have two or more cars in your household, insure them all through Admiral. You don't have to insure them all at once - start with just one car and add the others when their insurance renewal comes up.

They could be yours and your partner's, a family member or friend who lives with you, even a son or daughter away at university. The more cars you add, the more you'll save.


More Than

MORE TH>N was launched in June 2001 bringing freshness and a new approach to the consumer financial services market. At MORE TH>N, things never stand still. It takes thousands of dedicated and talented employees around the UK to deliver the excellence of service and products that customers demand and expect.

MORE TH>N have been winning customer service awards since 2003 and gained a Gold medal for Best in Customer Service for the Europe, Middle East and Africa Regions at last year’s World Contact Centre Awards in London.

The MORE TH>N product range is broad, encompassing car, home, pet, travel insurance and life insurance. Find out more


Swift Cover

Swiftcover was founded in 2005 by senior executives from within the insurance industry. It was a unique proposition offering good value car insurance online only. Swiftcover was also the first UK insurance company to offer its customers the convenience of printing their own car insurance certificate.

Unlike most of its competitors who rely on both the telephone and the internet to sell car insurance, Swiftcover's sole source of business is the internet and as a result we think you get the best online customer experience in the market.

As a result of being an online only company, you can do everything you need online using thier innovative Swift Space customer area.



ASDA, part of the Wal*Mart family, is one of the UK’s biggest grocery retailers. ASDA Financial Services was launched in 2003, initially offering pet, home and motor insurance. In 2012 it was successfully re-branded to ASDA Money and is now a multi-partner model offering a broad range of financial services products.

Everybody's home is different. That's why Asda offers great value Home Insurance you can tailor to suit your own needs.